Do not isolate again not working

Comodo 5.12.262249.2599

When you say do not isolate file again it istill solates when the files is next ran. Why is this and how can it be resolved?

Hi david banner,
If you are certain the file is safe, you could manually add it to the Trusted Files List.
If it is in the Unrecognized files list, from there is an option to move it to trusted.
AFAIK certain files will not be automatically added to the trusted files list such as Batch (.bat) files for example.

The problem is that Unrecognized list is now burried so deep into menus it’s incredibly annoying to use it. In CIS 5.x, we had this option directly in the main GUI. And you could even see the number of unrecognized apps.

You can easily, and conveniently, get this information through the widget.

Why are we comparing V6 in this topic? ???
The OP question was in regards to V5.12.262249.2599

I hadn’t even noticed that RejZor’s comment was off-topic. [at] david banner, I apologize for answering off-topic.

Anyway, back on topic, as captainsticks said, this may be caused by the file type. Can you please let us know which file types you are having trouble with? If it varies the issue could also lie with something else.

Sorry, i assumed he was talking about v6…

No problem re ot comment. It is files such as this below when ran to install. They are isolated.i click do not isolate again but it does

Accepted, thank you. :slight_smile: