Do not download, it takes you and your computer hostage

I have told Comodo and so have many, many others, that Comodo completely takes over your computer until it updates. You cannot do anything at all until it is done. The problem with this is, it is the slowest updated anti-virus I’ve ever seen, and I’ve tried most of them, it’s ridiculous. It’s also the only one that shuts you down until IT is ready to be done. This product is not ready to be released. It is too slow and it is the only anti-virus I’ve seen that does not come with an update scheduler so you can pick an update time that is CONVENIENT to you, not your anti-virus. It also needs a pause button, just in case it starts updating and you need to pause it so you may finish what you are doing. It is NEVER fun to have to sit for 20 minutes, stuck and cannot do anything while it updates itself. I feel as if me and my computer are taken HOSTAGE every time IT decides to update and it’s sooo annoying. Go with Avast until they listen to us and fix this unfinished product. I am taking it off my computer until it is usable. :-TD

This never happens for me and almost everybody else who uses CIS. I never get even a hitch when it’s updating. If I didn’t check DB numbers periodically, I would never even know it had updated at all.

Well this is a known issue on older hardware if you are behind a number of updates.

If it needs to merge 10 AV incremental updates it will cause 10 x 100MB of Writes to disk this is causing the trouble here… the disk IO is so high the system seems “freezed” during these updates.

This should not happen though if it just needs to merge one incremental update, so if you would leave your system on this should not happen. (I know it’s not a solution, but you could try to see if it works).

I hope they changed this mechanism in v4.

Never been a problem for me, you must be one of those rare cases.

I agree with you, here in my friend circle people facing similar things as you described above, so thanks for voicing your experience, i also use to face such Problems bcoz for me my internet connection was slow (12-15kbps) then it use to take me hours to update (100mb first update) and to tell you frankly i never managed to update CIS antivirus because it use to fail to update at 30%, then it use to say connection failed.
The worst part of it all is that antivirus update does not have Resume feature, so i have to start from 0% again, so as i see please look more closely in what hiyanett is saying, he/she shown many aspect which comodo can look into for betterment of CAV updates & features.

Well if it’s not a problem for you it doesn’t mean if somebody else experiences something that it’s “rare”.
There are so many different system configurations out there and with millions of installations there will be always some sort of issue with what ever software application.

I can completely reproduce this issue, if you have an older system and let’s say a slow hard drive like in a laptop, and you are behind a number of AV updates you have a system that is at least 20 minutes unusable because CIS pulls so much Disk IO that there is no room for other IO’s…

Only thing that you can do is to uncheck “Automatically update virus database before scanning” for Real-Time.
This will stop automatic updates at start-up so you can chose when to update (but then you have to remember to update ;-).

I’m on a laptop and a 4 year old one with a single core processor and I have never experienced any slowdowns while updating, even if I’m behind by a a couple of days. I do have a fast connection however so I’m sure that helps. I can say that my cpu usage never exceeds 30% while the updating is happening though.

Comodo started the virus update at 1015, disabling my computer again. It’s now 1100AM and Comodo is still updating. My computer is on 24 hours a day. Almost every morning this happens. If you like taking a 1 hour coffee break, away from your computer, every morning, just install Comodo.

So… why is this hard? Why can’t Comodo ASK me if I want to update now or later?

If it’s always on this should not happen, how do you determine what’s causing this?
What’s the CIS version installed and what’s the AV database version reported?

windows xp, 5 years old notebook, p4 2.8 1G ram, comodo updates go unnoticed

Won’t V4 give the option of when to update CIS?

I thought I remembered that being mentioned a while back.

You can control this with 3.x you need to set “Automatic update” off on Real-Time but then you have to remember to update manually once in a while…

I believe that a great majority of people’s problems that can and do occur with this awesome program is basically that individuals lack of knowledge with setting up their own computers. My computer is also four years old and I have never had one instance of problems with this fine antivirus/firewall program and I have recommended and received many compliments and no complaints.

There are many fine details that need to be set properly for your computer no matter what age it is for it to run at its maximum performance. (i.e. Internet settings, turning off unnecessary services, etc.) So before you people complain, try doing some research on how to remedy your own problems before you post here just to complain about something that is totally free.


I believe this problem will arises if one has slow internet connection. On the other hand I do agree that Comodo needs to provide a feature for scheduled update. Automatic update before scanning and resort to total manual update is just…well, no good. I remember that was one of the reasons I ditched AVG for AVAST years back.

Not many people are that much into pc’s, this software is designed for all :slight_smile: as i see rather than making complain, people expressing there experience & views at times it seem like complaining:).
problem with many people is also that there connections are slow & not as stable (specially the ones on 56kbps dial up connection, for antivirus to work better they need updates to be working fine and the problem is to download 100mb first update it makes it fraustrating for them, atleast there can be resume facility in downloading update so that if it fails to update, it can start update from where it left, there is this facility given in some other antivirus products.
i think this forum is built for seeking remedy of problems regarding comodo products. so the person who is expressing there views here are doing 100% fine.
In my view, People want comodo to be better so constructive complaints and critisism are also welcome in comodo forum.
Just the same as you are also free to express of what you want to say, so is me and others, honoring the rules of forum. :a0

Your point is quite valid devenroy, and because my familiarity with a dial-up connection has not been understood for the last nine years I apologize if my previous post was taken irrationally.

Thanks again

Thanks rogerg2 i m very happy to see your response & mature understanding & kindness of your heart.
Its kind & understanding people like you who make this comodo community so great.
Coming back to thread topic, Many things like are posted into CIS wishlist as well, like for example,
Resumable update feature, Graphicly wise update notification (currently it jumps from 5%, 30%, 50%) instead of this detailed notification wish is being made there. :-TU :a0

The first big update is slow on every computer I think, though not THAT slow, at least not in the ones I tested it. It’s because of the database patching system I think, so having a defragmented hdd before installing it will help alot, as well as having a decent amount of RAM.
The other AV updates are very fast and will probably go unnoticed unless your pc has performance problems in the weak spots of the CIS updating process (like hdd speed and fragmentation, and available ram).
With the other AV software I tried it’s the opposite usually: quick 1st update, then slow incremental updates, so I’m happy with CIS.

Not quite correct on both counts. There is more to it than hardware. My hardware is fairly current.

Athlon 64 X2 dual core 4200+ 2.2GHz, 2GB RAM, over 220GB free HD space.
Win XP SP2.

I never had this issue until the 3.12 release. So there was obviously something introduced in 3.12 that isn’t very happy on my system.

And the number of updates I am behind is irrelevant in my experience. I can manually update the DB and reboot my system. Sure enough, a minute or so after Windows loads, I am locked out of my system for 5 minutes or so while CIS updates. As the time frame between updates is literally less than a minute, I can’t imagine I’m very behind on the updates, yet it will lock me out for about the same length of time it will if the system has been off overnight…

Hi HeffeD,

What are your Real-Time settings?