Do not detect new network

Hello everyone,
I have CIS on desktop & laptop. At some point, I clicked a popup box on the desktop to not automatically detect new networks. Can I undo that? Where? I have WIN 7 Home Premium on both computers. Thanks


If you want to detect a new network go to FW > Stealth Ports wizard > choose define a new trusted network and make my ports stealth for everyone else. Follow then the instruction to define the new network. Explanations can be found here: //
The FW will make the global rules accordingly.



There is something else you can do and which matched your question better than my previous answer : go to CIS > More > Preferences and there you can enable Automatically detect new private networks.

Sorry to have forgotten this option.


Found it! Thanks.

I don’t have this in my Comodo CIS. Preferences>>General>>Automatically detect new private networks.
Was this removed by the update? Where can we access this now?


It has moved to Firewall / Firewall Behaviour Settings


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