Do NOT check for updates if running an application in full screen mode.

But that’s not the way most users will use Game Mode. They will leave it in Game Mode for the duration of their game.

So perhaps the best wish would be for gaming mode to have different options, which can be checked or unchecked. One of these options needs to be that it does not put CIS into training mode (perhaps as an alternative make it forget all rules made after reboot). At least one of the other options would be to automatically enter this for any application which runs in full screen.

However, please note that some malware run as full screen. Thus, going into full game mode (meaning allowing and creating allow rules) for any application which goes into full screen mode, would be a significant vulnerability. Thus, unless something else is done to negate that vulnerability, I don’t think this would be worth it.


I think Game Mode should definitely be customisable! I have brought this up before, and maybe we should start a Topic about it. We should be able to configure exactly how we wanted the application to behave during Game Mode: what actions to automatically take for each application / group of applications…

On the other hand, if CIS is properly configured, that is, it already knows the applications you use and remembers to allow/block their functions as per your own instructions, then why is the need for a separate Game Mode? If indeed during my gaming or videos something new that I have never seen gives me an alert, I am actually glad to see it. It may even be a component of the application I’m trying to run, so the Alert is a quick way to set up rules during first use. And if you don’t have anything else new going on in your computer, why do you expect to see an alert?

However, of course there are times when you really don’t want any alerts, and would like to set the Game Mode in simple ways such as Allow All Alerts or Block All Alerts. Of course, then you have to be careful because simply blocking everything may even cause your full-screen app to break if it needs some component to run that hasn’t got any allow rules yet. That’s why we have the need for an easy way to review all alerts suppressed during Game Mode with the relevant buttons to take any necessary actions about them. A simple Allow All rule is a security risk.

I don’t want any permissions being created for things that are known to be safe. If nothing gets created outside of the Game mode they should not be created while in it. All my games work perfectly without using Game mode. I’ll say it again, the Game mode needs to ONLY suppress updating and alerts and change nothing else. The other operations of CIS should not be affected. I will never use the Game mode unless it is changed from it’s current form which would also create permissions for anything malicious encountered while playing. I’d rather disable auto updates before starting to play.

I currently have NO rules of any kind in CIS other than the default ones, not even firewall rules and I want to keep it like that as much as possible. Known safe things or things I have designated as trusted have no need for rules in my opinion.

It’s great if none of your games have any issues running without game mode. Many users aren’t so lucky…

Game mode was created because of users complaining that their games wouldn’t run while Defense+ was active.

Please understand that just because something works for you, doesn’t mean it will work for everyone else. As I’m sure you’ve seen on the forum, bugs can affect some users, but not others. It doesn’t mean that the others are doing anything wrong, it’s just that their operating environment is different.

By the same token, what you expect from a piece of software is more than likely different than what someone else is expecting from the software.

You don’t want any rules created? Fantastic! However, there is a portion of the userbase that does want rules created…

100% agree with you :-TU

I understand and accept all that. I’m just stating my personal reasons for disliking and not using the present Game mode. I remember way back when the Game mode was created and it behaved more like what I propose than the way it does now. When it was created, the D+ was very different and was basically just a classic style HIPS that required user interaction at every turn. The whitelisting was poor and games and game vendors were excluded. That is not the case today. There really is no reason for the Game mode any more other than the auto-updating issue.

I would think that the entire user base would be leery of the obvious security risks inherent in the current implementation of the Game mode. Personally I would like to see automatic disabling of auto updating when in any full screen application with all other aspects of CIS remaining unchanged.

Also, the portion of the user base you refer to that does want rules created does not want them being created automatically. Those people want the interaction and manual control over everything.

With the greatest of respect to everyone, using game mode to prevent updates when a non-game application is in full-screen mode is not a solution, it’s a workaround. The solution is an automatic suppression of updates when any application is in full-screen mode.

+1 I agree completely.

Why not? Yes from my side :slight_smile:

I would favour such a setting.