Do not add Sandboxing to CIS

I read that sandboxing is proposed to be included with CIS 4. Please don’t do this. I view sandboxing,along with many other actions people take, to be pure paranoia and totally unnecessary. The addition of this will needlessly bloat a great product. If Comodo wants to make a stand alone sandbox app for people who would want it, then fine, but do not add it to CIS. If the decision is made to add it, please let me opt out of it in the installer. I do not want it.

Sandbox will be added to CIS 4.0 for CIMA heuristics to work in the AV. ;D (Comes with AV)
And the Behavior Blocker will use CIMA’s rules for identifing malware and blocking malware behavior(Comes with D+)

However i think you have a choise of not installing the web sandbox or just turning it off.
having seen the 4.0 design i sure there will be a dont istall button for the installer.