Do it right first. Do things better. Few but good ones.

I think you’re spreading the technology and you’re not being able to do good all of them and have focus.
Please, do not develop anything more. Look the list of discontinued products. Learn from it.

Do CTM and the cleaner stable and better…
Don’t lose focus.
My 0.01.

CTM will have a new version out soon…guys have fixed majority of the problems reported already…its going thru QA now…With CTM, we did have some issues I am afraid :frowning: I realise you had an issue as well, i am sorry about that. But one thing you can be sure of, we’ll learn and improve. So expect the new CTM soon.

thank you for your patience.


Thanks Melih.
Can you anticipate which changes will we see?
Some of them, related to stability and reliability, must be there.
I continue with the same opinion: focus is necessary.

I agree with you Tech 100%
and I’m glad to hear from Melih that CTM is getting some well deserved love from the developers.
CTM is a fantastic product and once the stability is fixed…I can comfortably and confidently say that CTM is my favorite software, hands down.

mainly bug fixing…

Yes repair the CTM!
CTM is a gem, so unfortunate that we are not able to use it because of bugs.

Which bugs?
Which environments are affected?
Most: which users shouldn’t install the current version of CTM due to these bugs. As a security company, you must disclose this information.

I agree. I wish Comodo was more focused on CIS. Not that it is bad in it’s current state, there are just items I thought would be in there by now, like the behavior blocker.

If they insist on looking for other things to develop, I wouldn’t mind seeing Dropbox get some more competition.