Do i really need an Antispyware now ?

Hi There.
Pondering (as usual …dont worry you’ll get used to it) :smiley:
Do you think i really need a dedicated Antispyware on my PC , i already have CPF3 and NOD32 V.3 Running. If so i guess i only need an on-demand scanner, so which ? AVG Antispy or Superantispyware ?

I saw in a thread earlier that soyabeaner was ditching antispys when CPF3 came out !! Is CPF3 that good on a clean pc you dont need anything else ?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

YES, i think you still need one. why on demand only ??? why don’t use CBOClean, or maybe Spyware terminator/ spyware doctor real time shield (turn off the HIPS).

just ignore it. he (or she ;D ) ditches everything ;D . but he (or she?) keep a big hammer next to his/ her comp ;D

well, Defense+ will block every malicious attempt from malware. (:NRD) but what if we accidentally allow it? then we need second protection, for virus/worm/some trojan, we need AV, and for “other malwares” we need AS.

i currently use CFP with Avira antivir
CBOClean (real time protection)
Spyware terminator (on demand only)

I still like having Windows Defender around. With CFP3 and D+, you get popups whenever the spyware tries to call out, but don’t really prevent or remove it. Depends on how much things like tracking cookies annoy you, unless you download a lot of toolbars and other crapware. But then, I think antispyware is an artificially created need and CFP3 takes care of the real stuff, along with a good antivirus.

Well there ya go… NOD32 and CPF3 .done deal. :wink:

I use NOD 2.7, CFP and BOClean and haven’t had any conflicts. Someone mentioned that BOC and D+ were similar and I may not need it, but it hasn’t caused any conflicts and hasn’t appeared to slow down my machine.

I also use, Spybot from time to time, on demand (I have Tea Timer disabled) . I mostly used the advanced mode tools. And CCleaner to clean my cookies and registry after uninstalls

On a whim, I just ran Ewido online anti-spyware/malware scanner and only came up with tracking cookies.

When my NOD subscription runs out in June, I’ll be looking at Comodo AV. (B)

Must’ve been a really old thread, but I still hold that thought. I already ditched anti-bad scanners long ago. Been using CFP 3 (Clean PC mode) for over a month, and with the recent nLite reformat, the harmony is sweet (:KWL). I originally (many moons ago) planned the same with CFP3+NOD32, but CFP 3 is sufficient.

The fact that you ask this question means you’re not certain or confident in your setup, which means to keep NOD is a good idea.

Well of course im keeping NOD32, thats my Antivirus. ;D !!! I’m extremely confident in my setup and have been for years, never ever had an infection, all i meant was what i asked " Do i really need an Antispyware now ? " nothing to do with confidence. Just more a keeping my sys running lean and mean with minimal running apps and whether most users deemed AV and CPF3 to be sufficient. Cheers. :wink:

I use CBOC and Windows Defender on real time, and SAS free and AVG As free on demand.
And i haven’t got conflicts

Well really, you dont need an antispyware if you watch where you surf. I do however reccomend you get one. Really anything will do if you watch where you surf.

I guess having one as an “on demand” will do, i dont surf anywhere nasty but some good sites get bugged occassionally, as i have NOD32 V3 and CPF3 running, on demand antispy will do if i run it every few days or once a week wont it ?

You do have NOD32 anti-virus to protect your information from viruses. Then why do you ask as for anti-spyware? :THNK

Each program should perform some certain function. Anti-viruses cannot protect your computer from spyware programs (especially, keyloggers, which represent the utmost threat to your privacy).

Personally I use Kaspersky Internet Security 7 (it combines anti-virus and firewall) and PrivacyKeyboard (anti-spyware). These 2 programs have trial-versions that gives you an opportunity to try them before purchasing.

But whatever you choose, remember! You must have 3 things installed: firewall, anti-virus and anti-spyware. (:NRD)

Because what were talking about is layered protection.

Layered protection is when you use one program to satisfy one need. Layered requires a minimum of 3 products, an anvtivirus, firewall, and an antispyware. Your yousing AIO (All In One) protection, which is when you use a suite that integrates all three together.

I think the web browser is an important aspect too. With a browser like Internet Explorer, I think there’s a risk to get spyware into your system (unless you have a program to prevent that). Firefox with NoScript takes down the risk a lot.

I feel totally secure now with CFP 3 and Firefox+NoScript. Only. Sure I’d like to get CMF integrated with CFP, and sure I want to try CAVS 3 (but not necessarily keep it), but I just as sure certainly won’t use any antispyware!

There are no guarantees, but I think a browser like FF+NS (or Opera, it’s also good), CFP and an AV program is enough. And some common sense. Including, like Info-Sec wrote, watching where you surf.


Yea, Firefox itself is quite secure, but most viruses/spyware is delivered via scripts. The most common delivery scripts is javascript. Disable that you wont get pop up, and 99.9% of spyware cant get onto your computer.

Also use some immunizations (like spyware blaster) and your even better.

Disabling Javascript (well, scripts in general) is what makes NoScript so fantastic. With it, I’m not sure that Spyware Blaster and similar software is required.

I also think one should disable cookies, and just allow some important ones (based on a personal white list).


Well why not i mean there still can be some stuff. For a set and forget spyware blaster should be used no matter what you have disabled :wink: