Do I really have the new version installed?

I was recently ‘forced’ to upgrade from CIS Pro 2013 to CIS Pro 7 instead of renewing. The new license key was recognized and the new expiration date was set. The start-up box where you activate tasks still reads CIS Pro 2013 and my version number is still 6.3.302093.2976 even after checking for updates. Will these things change after a couple of days or should I actually install the downloaded CIS Pro 7 program? Thank you for your time.

You should uninstall your version of CIS using the methods described by Chiron here:

Then reinstall CIS and activate it with your license key.

Thanks Netguy101. I was inclined to uninstall the old version first. I was just looking for someone to confirm what I wanted to do anyway.

The most recent version if V7. Your license key should still work after uninstalling and reinstalling. If you have any trouble getting it to be recognized please contact me and we’ll get it sorted out.