Do I need WinPatrol?

BOClean in, running and VERY light on resources - thank you for this.

Now, I run WinPatrol for 1 reason: it tells me if there’s a new item that wants to start on boot (some apps. are v. sneaky like that). Will BOClean do this for me? If so, WP can go.



Nope, it doesn’t; all it does is detect malware. :slight_smile:

Thanks Tony - just hoping to get rid of something. :frowning:

I know the feeling… LOL!

All I run is BoClean and a anti virus. And once a week I run AdAware and SpyBot serch and destroy. And have got all the bad guys. (:WAV)

It’s not just the bad guys - I don’t like something starting without asking me, even if it’s something that I want.


Why get rid of Scotty. He’s cute.

And dogged.
Just [re]installed Java and Scotty told me that the update wanted to start with Windows.
Some things are easy to spot, but occasionally there’s a sneaky one that wouldn’t show up easily.


Been using scotty for years, great program.
I remember when he first barked at me while eating cookies. I was on hands and knees on the floor trying to figure where this noise came from. ???

Scotty :slight_smile:
I’m wating for build 4 or something, apparently 3 has some issues. I agree with others, Winpatrol is Winpatrol.
Right now i’m checking A2 antimalware out… ;D (must… stop… testing… programs)

Why? It’s ‘fun’! I use Total Uninstall and that can find a lot of ‘bits’ left behind. I usually install from E:\ and 1 app. put 2 ad/spyware nasties in the folder on E. I wouldn’t have known about them - one doesn’t look for such things.
BTW, a lot of small apps/utilities don’t really need installing (except for placing icon etc.). I use Universal Extractor to sub-directory and try the .exe file. Most things will run from that.