Do I need to turn off Windows Firewall after having installed Comodo firewall?

I have just installed the free version of Comodo Firewall and after reboot have noticed that Windows firewall is still running along with Comodo. My initial thought was that Comodo should turn off Window’s default protection. Do I need to turn it off manually, or should I just let it run in parallel?

System specs: Windows 7 64-bit

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Yes, you must disable Windows Firewall whenever you install any other third party firewall.
Like AV’s, having more than one active at once is not a good thing - you may start to experience unexplainable events and issues.

so how come comodo did not switch off windows firewall by default?

anyway i’ve not noticed any problem yet so far. anyone did?

Unless you’re using ipv6… then I suppose you need Windows 7 firewall to protect you. Am I wrong?

Maybe you could add it to the wish list to disable windows firewall during install. Kind regards

It does on some systems. I don’t know the specifics of what determines whether or not this will happen. Of the three systems I’ve installed CIS on, two of them I needed to manually turn of the Windows firewall, and one system had the firewall turned off automatically.

Wouldn’t you rather be safe than sorry? If there is any chance of a problem, wouldn’t you rather avoid the situation entirely instead of waiting to see if you have any problems? That’s a bit like saying, “I know it’s not a good idea to smoke around gasoline, but I’ve never had any problems…” Microsoft themselves recommend using only a single software firewall.

The majority of Internet Security programs (with firewall protection) will automatically switch off Windows firewall. Not sure why this feature is not built into Comodo Internet Security. Did not realize that both were running until got a Windows message saying Comodo Internet Security was off, which was false! It was this message that caused me to look into the security centre. My Vista 32bit computer seems to now update programs without any issues since disabling Windows firewall.

I’m not sure of the conditions which must be met, but installation will turn off the Windows firewall on some systems.

I still can’t understand why CIS doesn’t turn off Windows FW on install and turn it on on uninstall.

Like I said, it does on some systems.