Do I need to set permissions for other users on my PC?

I noticed that there is no icon in the system tray for other users on my PC. In checking running processes via Task Manager I noticed that there is substantially less memory usage on other users than on mine (I am the user that installed CIS) All users are administrators; I am running XP Pro SP2. It makes no difference which user logs on first.

I set permissions so that ‘Everyone’ has full access; now the icon appears in the system tray of other users, & there is the same amount of memory usage on all users. But, of course, I’m using more memory overall.

I would like to know if it’s necessary to set permissions for others, or if CIS is already protecting all users on my PC through my original installation account.

Thanks for your help. I’ve already searched the web & the forums for an answer but haven’t found one.


I have re-posted this to the Firewall forum since I have not received an answer. I assume tht this is the wrong forum.

Denise F.