Do I need to run Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool?

I have CIS Premium installed and I wonder if I still need to download and run subject tool for each of my PCs, every month? Or I needn’t worry because COMODO CIS is ahead of MS in this regard?

It’s just enough of a PIA that I’d rather not do MRT each month if unnecessary.

Its entirely up to you but i doubt that MRT would find anything that isnt detected by Comodo`s AV. Microsoft is looking at removal of the widespread running infections with the malicious removal tool, worms, bots, etc.


Thanks Matty, I wonder do you (or anyone here) know if the Comodo AV team specifically looks at each month’s MS MRT e.g. to see if they missed anything…!?

Havent got a clue buddy, i doubt it though! I certainly dont, the MRT is IMO only useful for helping clean an infected computer and there are better tools (like CCE) for this type of work.

OK, well I had to ask given they come-out with a new one every month, as though they had some new (real) reasons to do so!

I’m gonna skip it…