Do I need SpywareBlaster?

Currently I am using Avast! Internet Security 5.0.366 beta, along with on-demand SAS and MBAM and SpywareBlaster?

My question is do I still need SpywareBlaster?

I will be using Comodo Firewall 4 in the future.

nope. :wink:

Its an outdated program now and not very good IMO. SAS and MBAM is fine.

Is not outdated.
It’s a good complement for your security arsenal.

What is IMO ???

IMO = In My Opinion… LOL ;D

I have one Yes and one No. ???

BTW, I’m on Windows 7 x64.

SpywareBlaster is not old at all and it is excellent passive protection from things like installation of spyware; BHOs and most importantly dangerous ActiveX
The latter especially important for those who is still using IE.
Sure it is supporting many other browsers

It is a strong preventive measure in the 1st place

As a matter of fact it has nothing to do with mentioned and any other scanners the way it works.
It is absolutely cannot be “compared in the context with scanners” and/or their real time guards.

Compatible with 32bit & x64 (mentioned at MS Compatibility Centre )

I tested it personally on Win 7 Home Premium x64. Works perfectly

Recommended to have.

Other than that you can visit Windows 7 forums; the Blaster forum and others to get more information.

My regards

Its just overkill. It block websites (avast already does this) It blocks cookies that are harmless and can be easyly removed. And it blocks active x which is also pointless. Maybe he should think about adding some sort of BB or HIPS. Or maybe even Sandboxie.

Hi MetalShaun ,

I probably would agree about cookies because that’ is nothing to worry about indeed.

Actually practically any (if not all) AVs have an option to disable checking cookies. And for sure - no need ever to manage (quarantine etc.) trace cookies by AV
Those should be cleaned before scanning

Other than that SpywareBlaster is doing its job well and silently and it does not take any CPU or whatever resources except when you “update & forget”
And again that 's irrespective to any additional layers of security.

HIPS is in place. As far as I understand pranaygtr is using Defense+ (unless disabled)

BB is a must have he can chose one or wait for Comodo’s development of it.
My only hope is that is will be a complete separate product (no integration deep in the existing structure)

As for Sandboxing (repeatedly) there is no direct “connection” regarding the choice of using the Blaster or not.
32bit of Sandboxie is a solid and strong one, but his system is Win7 x64, so there is no chance currently (or ever) to develop the “real one” which is at least as strong as 32bit version (…and the latter still can be circumvented)
Recent decision by tzuk to provide x64 version support and all it’s weaknesses explained by the author.

So basically it’s only pranaygtr’s and any users’ personal choice and decision regarding SpywareBlaster.
My opinion is - it is still worth having, but again there are many sources for getting information and additional opinions


I will keep SpywarBlaster. As you said it’s not taking up the CPU.

I’m currently not using Comodo Firewall, but will be mostly likely in a few weeks - now that avast! is out of beta.

Avast has a Behaviour shield, but not functional on 64-bit.

Is CIS 4 safe enough to use on my personal computer, that I use everyday? ???

I believe it’s a good addition to whatever else you have, so don’t see the problem. :wink: