Do i need it starting up with windows and can I hide the icon?

I having been using comodo as my firewall and love it, I am running, winpatrol, avast pro, spyware terminator, in realtime and bitdefender and spywareblaster all running on windows vista premium. I just installed comodo Bo Clean, do i need it starting up with windows and can I hide the icon, is it necessary? need some help, thanks

Hi ronnycopeh :slight_smile:

It is recommended to start up BOClean with Windows, because BOClean is a realtime scanner that needs to be running to catch malware. However if you don’t want it to start up with Windows :

  • Right click the BOClean icon in the traybar.
  • Left click “Configure BOClean”.
  • Uncheck “Automatically start BOClean at bootup”.
  • Left click “Finished”.
  • Left click “Close this menu”.

And I would strongly advise you NOT to hide the BOClean icon. You could hide it in the same menu as we used above checking “Permanently hide traybar icon and alerts”, but than you will have no access to BOClean anymore, and you won’t see any alerts for malware.

The fifth checkbox is ALSO DANGEROUS. Marked "Permanently hide traybar icon and alerts", this option will allow you to completely hide BOClean from the screen and the end user. This option will also hide trojan warnings on the machine in question and set BOClean so that if malware is found, it will be quietly killed and removed without any indication to the end user that malware had been found and eliminated. This option is particularly useful for sites who do not want their end users to know that malware is being silently defeated and that BOClean is on the job. It is also HIGHLY recommended for unattended sites as it will suppress ALL on screen information, rendering BOClean invisible. Because the traybar icon and BOClean screens are hidden by this option, selecting this will also make BOClean's configuration screen unavailable to the end user and should be carefully considered. As is the case with the "hide configuration" checkbox above, a warning will be delivered that this option is irreversible from BOClean's configuration and the option is given to cancel this mode if selected. The fourth and fifth items, selected together are the recommended configuration for unattended servers.

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I hope that will answer your questions :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

Thanks that answer my question, I just went to taskbar and hide when unactive but its still there running,