Do I Need Defense+


I will be formatting my PC soon – too much software has affected performance… and I want to use CPF however, I was wondering do I really need Defense+ ? I am currently using the latest version of CPF with Defense+ and noticed too many alerts (especially when installing and updating software including Windows Update). I am using the latest version of NOD32. If I have this and CPF, will I need D+ ?

Also, is there any other software I should use for additional security? I use my computer for watching movies, games (so performance is important), banking, online shopping, (security is important).

In short, it’s up to you and your habits, but it’s recommended to turn D+ on. CFP will leak if you disable D+, and not pass all tests (in other words, you are per fact more vulnerable with D+ disabled).


D+ is a great add on to CFP 3.0. I highly recommend it.

For an in depth discussion of this issue see the following:


Thanks everyone. I will be using D+ after all. Just got to get used to the alerts :-\

Alerts will only last for a week or so. Just launch all your favorite programs. Once everything is learned you will be all set. I only get alerts when I install something new.