Do I need D+ and how will it interact with my other security apps?

I’m working on a new XP Pro build and I’m planning on running these apps:

Comodo Pro (Firewall)
AntiVir (Antivirus)
ThreatFire (Anti - spyware, malware, rootkit, etc) (Active app)
Spyware Blaster (Anti - spyware, malware, rootkit, etc) (Passive lockdown app)
Spyware Doctor (Anti - spyware, malware, rootkit, etc) (Active app)

  1. With these apps protecting my system, do I really need D+ and/or Leak protection?

  2. If an event occurs, what’s going to happen when D+ and my other apps react at the same time?

  3. Any known issues between Comodo and my other apps?

Thanks in advance for any info :■■■■

Some issues with Threatfire see HERE and HERE
If something happens you will most likely get alerts from both programs.
Try the full install with Defence+ active,you can allways disable it if you find you don`t like/need it.
Antivir=no common issues,not sure about the other two,but not seen anything about any incompatibilities.


If you using Avira Premium you do not need Spyware Doctor. You also do not need Threatfire if your using Comodo.

Thx for the links, interesting reads. Sounds like the second issue (keylogger test fails) may have been resolved, maybe.

Overall though, it seems that they may coexist without any major issues.

Thx again for feedback!

I’m using the free Avira, and already paid for Spyware Dr, the only app I have paid for in this new setup. I was actually trying to go free all the way, but read some really good reviews about the Dr.

Ya, it does sound like overkill with both of the apps, but when I was researching everything I didn’t know anything about D+ coming with the firewall and Threatfire also had some really great reviews.

Not sure what to do here, I might run them both for a while and then decide whether to keep them both or not.

Thx for the advice!

Well your definitely overkilling your system. Spyware Doctor is very bloated and uses alot of resources. I have always used a good av and firewall and never been infected in over 5 years. I also use Sandboxie when needed.