do i need another programs ?

hi every body
i am a new user of comodo internet security

4 in 1 and i feel good with this program

but do you think it is enough to protect my pc ?

are there any negativities of this program or any technical problems ?

please any one read this topic send his or her opinion

thanks every body

I’ve been using CIS as my main line of defense since the start of this year. I do have several other applications that I use for on demand scanning. I have yet to see anything pop up with the other scanners that tells me CIS isn’t capable of doing everything by itself.

However, no security application can have a 100% success rate, so it’s not a bad idea to have another scanner to use for a second (or third) opinion.

I don’t feel the AV is ready for prime time yet do to the large number of false positives and the fact that I’ve had one FP that’s been around for months that remains unfixed.

I use CIS and Verification Engine (Browser plugin) as the only active security (I recently disabled Windows Defender).
However. I keep SAS and MBam installed as on-demand only since no AV can detect 100% of all viruses out there.

And I found a false negative today that 90% of other AV products find according to VirusTotal. ClamWin found it and Comodo did not.

I just scanned my mailboxes with Comodo and ClamWin. Comodo found zero, ClamWin found 14. Not sure if any of the fourteen are false positives but I know at least two are not.

I’m about to run TrendMicro’s sysclean and I’ll report on it.


Hi SF,

This is possible if the malware is contained in “mailbox” files, it won’t trigger because it cannot infect the system in the current state it’s in. It should however alert you if you try to save such a file from your mail client to the hard-drive.

Hello; rawan

My Honest Opinion; I would get Malware-Bytes Antimalware and use that as a secondary on-demand scanner… but Yes You Are Protected Very Well With CIS (Not Saying You Are 100% Protected; Only Way To Be Protected 100% Is To Unplug from the Internet :slight_smile: )


And then you plugin a memorystick or a cd/dvd…so it’s not just the Internet.

Simple, just unplug the power supply (or remove the battery for lap-tops) to your computer haha.

In reply to the original poster, I would recommend investing some time into understanding Sandboxie (only works on 32-bit though). Once you genuinely understand it and realise how much it protects you, I doubt you’ll ever stop using. It takes some time to properly understand it though, and to properly set it up for your computer. But boy is it worth it (in my opinion).

If you can’t be stuffed, just stick with CIS. Defense+ beats all haha.

Had an odd problem with sysclean. It added two non-lower bit ASCII characters at the head of the log file so it failed to show the rest. Used Notepad to delete them, saved, then the log file showed in sysclean.

It failed to find any of the viri in the mailboxes and even failed to find two of them (actually tools I use - SAMInside and Cain&Abel) on a second pass that I ran when I thought the first had glitched.

Also ran aSquared and it failed to find SAMInside and Cain&Abel inside zips but did find 3 of the 14 in the mailboxes. (Aside: aSquared had a better report than ClamWin in that it identified not only what, but the exact e-mail that contained the viruses whereas ClamWin only told me the mailbox. Happens they are examples of viri I use to show people when I speak in front of non-technical people.)

Soooo…, not only do you need more than one tool, you need a whole pack of them to figure out what’s what on your machine and not even sysclean, which I have depended on for years, does the whole job.


thanks every body :slight_smile:

i appreciate your posts

when i see comodo i remember google in it’s begining

i think comodo coming fastly and strongly

i hope that it be first protection program