Do I need a HIPS firewall????

Hello all

I have been Using Comodo Firewall Pro Alpha and Although the HIPS in the firewall is good but what a pain in the a** .

I mean c’mon if you are concerned that some virus1*.exe, trojan1*.dll, etc is hooking to some legitimate program there is a serious slow down of a system almost 77% cases and you open taskmanager and see what who are the culprits if the taskmanager is not showing what you want then why not try IBProcman one of the best freeware program out there this program can show you what program is loaded what dlls.

and guess i have to click 10+ times just to open IBProcman.exe and i am using Comodo Firewall Pro Alpha + Defense.

HIPS will be chatty until the Safelist is enabled in it.
once it has the safelist, then should be much less noisy


To answer your question. No. Its really not needed, but it couldnt hurt. If your already using CPF simply disable the HIPS. Thats more then enough protection.