do i need a firewall

Hi all been thinking about this allot my friend who runs a network at his business told me all i need is my routers firewall and the windows firewall is this true he also told me that if i installed a aftermarket firewall that i would experience slower performance as it would have to go through two firewalls my routers and the software. Can someone help me out here do i need a firewall or is he right that my windows firewall and router is all i need get back. Also my maker of my router told me same thing.


Your router’s hardware firewall is designed to keep things out, the software firewall is designed to keep things in that shouldn’t get out (which you may already know, but just to set the stage…).

Windows firewall is not a very strong firewall; in other words, it won’t do a very thorough job. It does work, but it could certainly do better.

Some third-party firewalls do add a lot of resource usage to the system, and slow things down considerably. Comodo’s CPF is different in that respect. Resource usage is low, and it has some very thorough protection.

It allows the creation of detailed rules to control exactly how your computer/network connects to the world outside of your router, detailed rules to control exactly how your applications are allowed to act in relation to your network rules, allows you to control the access/activity of individual components within those applications, and has application behaviour analysis to notify you if an allowed application has changed in some way (such as being infected by a virus). All this without the bloat of other firewall programs!

But wait, that’s not all… During automatic install, CPF creates a strong set of network control rules, by default, right “out of the box.” You can also choose to scan for known applications, and CPF will automatically set those safe applications to allow for internet access. You just can’t get much better than that!

Here’s the deal, tho - besides your router’s hardware firewall, if you’re going to use any software firewall besides the Windows basic model, you need to turn off the Windows Firewall; trying to run two software firewalls simultaneously can cause problems.

Hope that helps answer your question,


ok here is a question dose cpf work with ie7 and windows defender get back all thanks.

I have used it with IE7, although FireFox is my primary browser.

I am not running Windows Defender in conjunction with CPF, but I have not heard of any conflicts from users here in the forum.

I’ll look around a bit and see if I see any problems; if so I’ll let you know.


ok yeah let me know if it dose have problems with windows defender. thanks peace

As Little Mac (how small are you?) says, the router stops unwanted things from coming in. But, if you download a file that contains a Trojan, key logger or any other malware, it’s not gonna stop them from sending out your private info. That’s where a soft firewall comes in. Get one! Get Comodo! ;D
Repeating Very Little Mac here… :wink:
Remove previous firewall.
If you have XP firewall, just turn it off.
Install with auto.
When restarted, double click the firewall sys tray icon.
Go to security/tasks.
Scan for known applications.
Restart firewall (right click sys tray icon and exit)
Wait 20 seconds and then start it again.
Since you are behind a router? Go to security/tasks.
Click on “define a new trusted network”.
Restart the firewall.
Now you are in the glorious Comodo world…! ;D

If you use P2P programs, you have to open port(s) in network monitor.
Just read here in the forum (FAQ?) and do a search, or ask.
Good luck.


I have tested and I have not found any conflicts between these software programs, everything should work fine between CPF, IE7, and Windows Defender. Also about your friend and the company saying that a software firewall will slow down your connection, it is part true with the lower brand of firewalls however I have experienced no slowdown with CPF installed. That is just my opinion you must make your own opinion not let others make it for you ;).

awsome all great replys ill get it latter today when i have time got company now. happy turky day all

Glad to hear it, Happy Thanksgiving :smiley:

i will never install this thing again i installed this firewall upon installing it i lost all my sound drivers i had to uninstall it still no sounds. finally did a system restore and then got my sound back after complet reinstall of sound drivers and system restore i will never use this product again. very displeased. have a nice day comodo.

Do you really think that it’s the firewall fault if 1 user of 100000 users get problems with his sound drivers? Did you try to reinstall the sound drivers before you uninstalled the firewall?

yes i did and no go i removed comodo and still no sound did a system restor from the restor point i put on before i installed comodo wich was just 15 min before i put it on and sound came back did a reinstall of drivers to make sure all was there. but did not have the problem untell i put comodo on. so therfor i will not use comodo sorry but dont want the hedach back.

That’s odd that it could have that effect on your sound drivers. Sometimes when I have problems I try it in a different order and it works.

I use Comodo Personal Firewall/AntiVirus and Microsoft Windows Defender and have experienced no problems. They appear to work well together.