Do I need A Antivirus?


I am Using Comodo Alpha Firewall. and very liking it (:LOV) except the warning windows!!! (:AGY)
and I am tired of clicking allow to every time a program ask to something doing to registry or something i dunno what but i think all of them are legitimate files/programs.

Do i need a antivirus program?
suppose If you are windows OS is infected by a virus, will it hook something or may connect to internet?if comodo alpha firewall + defense warning window appears and you see some unknown file wants to access the net or hook something you just block it??

Here’s my point of view (coloured by half a year of learning from being a Comodo forum member, and other experiences):

The firewall is the very most important layer of security. If any malware get in, ask yourself: what can it do? Any attempts to connect to the internet (in order to spy on you) will be caught by Comodo Firewall. As for keyloggers, I’m not sure how it works, but if they have to hijack the browser - Comodo will catch them too (I think).

Other kinds of malware, that just stays local - and ruins your system - is something a (net) firewall can’t protect from, really. There you need a “system” firewall, I think this is what Defence+ is, in CPF 3 alpha. So if you are 100% backed up with all your files, it may not be a disaster to get your system ruined, but still sad.

I use, today, CPF 2.4, BOClean and CAVS. When the stable CPF 3 is here, I will drop CAVS but probably keep BOClean. When BOClean has been implemented into CAVS, I may chose that option instead.

So my point is, it depends on who you are and what you do - but I will have great confidence in CPF3! Also, a safe browser, like Firefox. Some people need antivirus, some don’t. What do you think?


I would say yes. A layered security scheme is the way to go. I’m not sure how much CPF3 HIPS covers, but malware is constantly changing and adapting. Also, what if something takes out CPF, then what are you left with? Nothing? That is why a layered system is needed.

All programs have weaknesses. Even Superman had a weakness. There are no perfect programs and if Microsoft made a perfect operating system, we wouldn’t be having this discussion ;). You need security software that protects every angle of attack and then if that fails, you need a back up solution. There are countless ways to achieve this goal and the best solution is the one that suites your personal needs.

Also, there are people with great computer knowledge that use no anti-virus program. They run a strong HIPS program, but even they have a back up in case of tragedy. There are people who don’t use firewalls, but they have the knowledge on how to open and close ports and are probably behind a router of some sort. I personally don’t have that knowledge, but I’m behind a router and I use a firewall with HIPS. I also use and anti-virus and anti-spyware with IDS along with a couple of other goodies. I hope this helps.