Do I have a virus?


I recently re-installed Avast AV and Comodo Firewall.
Since then my pc has been running extremely slow when loading pages and sometimes freezing on start up.
I read some of your forums and tried to fix the problem my self but fear I have made it worse.
I no longer can open web pages from firefox (my preferred browser) however IE is fine.
I tried running Dr.Web as suggested by a post and also downloaded Secunia but now have this problem.
Is there a log file I can post that someone my be able to help?
Also what are the preferred settings for Comodo in order for optimum speed?
Thanks in advance

Try What to do if you’re infected - eXPerience Rev.3 In your topic start provide us with the requested A-Squared and Hijack This logs and the name(s) of the found virus(es).
This will give us the information we need to help you further, if needed

Try hijackthis and post your log. So people can help.

Then what’s your pc configuration ???

The Hijack log with a log by A-Squared is part of the What to do if you’re infected - eXPerience Rev.3 tutorial.

Fine, Forgot to noticed the link.

Just one question [ Do the softwares ask users to buy full version to remove / repair the files affected by malwares ?? ]

I use Hiren Boot CD’s To remove the viruses from my friends system.

that depends on the antimalware you’re using. The softwares that are in the guides are free of charge and will correct all malwares they find.

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