Do Extensions Made for Chrome Work with Comodo Dragon (CD)? New

Like the title says, Do Extensions Made for Chrome Work with Comodo Dragon (CD)? (I like useful titles Cheesy)

I heard that they are very similar, as they share at least parts of their code.

I use Adblock and Click and Clean and both function fine.
Not sure if there are issues with other extensions tough.

As long as the extension works for the version of Chrome that Dragon is based on, it should work fine with Dragon. Since Dragon is on v6, anything that works with Chrome v6 should be usable.

So far, everything I’ve installed works as advertised.

However, since Dragon is lagging behind the actual Chrome development, as Tormod mentions, there are extensions that require a higher version number than Dragon’s current release, so you will not be able to install those.

I haven’t been able to get any Greasemonkey Userscripts to work though… :frowning: Still not sure if this is due to something Comodo has done, or if the scripts I’d like to use have a lot of Firefox specific functionality. Chrome obviously doesn’t support code specific to Firefox.

Is WOT working with Dragon now. Previously It didn’t.


Not on my machine.

Downloaded and installed and just sits there activating…