Do Comodo SSL cerificate trust issues effect CIS settings?

I sure don’t understand all the issues, but found the thread at REMOVE Comodo Certificates from FireFox, Opera!!! - Security | DSLReports Forums quite alarming. Is there something to do in CIS if we can’t always trust SSL cerificates? I use Mozilla Firefox.

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I don’t understand all the issues fully myself either, but from what I do understand is that this is not so much as a Comodo’s SSL certificate thing… but anybody’s certificates. He’s another, more famous, incident. It’s something to do with the way SSL certificates are sold by the agents, I suspect their current codes of conduct and procedures could possibly do with some improvement. :slight_smile:

For web browsing SSL certificates? No. CIS only deals with signed files. Different certificates. SSL certificates on web sites are a browser issue.

OK; thank you. I followed their instructions and set up warnings to be extra careful whenever a Comodo SSL certificate is used. Maybe it will be fixed soon.