Do Comodo Firewall 7.0 and ESET NOD32 AV 8.0 work well together?

Does anyone know if thes two latest versions (Comodo Firewall 7 and ESET-AV-8.0) work well together or do they have compatibility issues?

Corrected title and text (CIS → Comodo Firewall)

Install ESET AV and COMODO Firewall. This combo - no problems.

Sorry, I meant if Comodo Firewall 7 and NOD32 AV 8.0 have compatibility issues.
I have corrected the topic title.

As you can see in my signature, I am using the old CFW 5.10 and NOD32 4.2 and I would like to upgrade, but I want to be sure before I do it.
So I am asking if someone is using both

It should be all right, update programs. :wink: