Do Comodo browsers have a responsible product manager now?

Let’s vote. I started to lose faith

Hi dimamedved,
I wanted to vote honestly, so I added a 3rd option. :slight_smile:


Of course there is. Somebody will have to tell the CEO what is going on, what the planning is, if targets are met or not, etc. The problem is more likely with available resources. I have voted option 1.

I have no trust on browsers section. As you all know my behavior.

I saw many promises but no action. Even before manager SerkanB gave many promises to me.
We e-mailed each other to solve many problems on browsers. He accpeted those. But he leaved the company…
I am tired about telling and yelling the problems on browsers.

I voted option 2… future will tell…I want to change my vote but it depends on Comodo.

Hi Guys,

I’m currently the product manager for the Comodo browsers.

You can PM me issues you have.

We’ll add those we can to our product roadmaps.


Hi Shane,
I agree personal issues should be PMed.

IMO wishes and help issues are best posted on the Forum to calculate popularity of wishes and to share solutions with solvable help issues with others.

Kind regards.

Shane a PM sent to you.