Do blocked IP ranges appear in TCPview?

I’ve got a bunch of blocked IP ranges setup in Comodo Global Rules. Recently I noticed some of the blocked IPs appearing in TCPview. They only appeared on the screen until the next refresh (1S) and then disappeared. Is this normal behavior? Bob

Even though you block them the process will still try to connect to those IP’s.

Please check the state column in TCPview.


Edit I am presuming these are outgoing blocks, I have never seen incoming blocks should in TCPview.

They’re outgoing blocks. State is SYN_SENT or ESTABLISHED. They only stay in TCPview for one refresh. Thanks for the info.

If they are actually blocked you should not in any way have ESTABLISED, this means the connection is not blocked.

Will attach screenshot later to show what you should only have.


Edit Added screenshot.

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Global Rules
Block IP in/out address range
Block IP in/out address range -
The connections were SYN_SENT not ESTABLISED ← this may have been a line above/below the one I was reading (tired eyes and 13-hour days don’t help).

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