DNS Settings

Hi there, This may be a daft anaser, but I thought I ask it anyway.

I have got Secure DNS setup on my route. And all is working fine.

But here is the daft part. Do I need to keep the setting the same for Preferred DNS Server & Alternate DNS Server setup under Windows 7. Or shall I set it for Obtian DNS Server address Automatically.

Or do I set My Preferred DNS Server as my route IP address. ? set it to Preferred only and leave Alternate DNS blank.

So can anybody advise Please



Hi Nige

Technically, I believe it would be better to have W7 set-up with your router (it’s LAN IP) as your primary DNS (which actually has a primary & secondary itself) and the secondary W7 DNS as another DNS provider. This way if Secure DNS fails (both servers that is, unusual but still possible) W7 will then automatically switch to the second DNS provider. So, you’d actually have a primary, secondary & a trinary DNS service.

Thanks Kail. Funny enought I have the Primary DNS set to my LAN IP on W7 and have secondary blank. So I will put in my Provider DNS address in the Secondary. Under W7 and leave my route setup to Secure DND by Comodo.

I only said that other info in case I would talking out of text.

Thanks again


I have a new issue, and here it goes.

I did a cold start of my PC with my Speed touch 585v6 router
So I thought I check to see my route settings were ok under Command Prompt
So I logged into my router and typed dns server route list! As shown in jpg image.

I noticed as you can see via jpg image! That Comodo Secure DNS are the top too
And under that are my ISP DNS addresses.

So what can I do about my ISP DNS’s I can’t delete them?

Also I wonder are they the right value numbers for Comodo DNS as in Metric 5

My ISP DNS is metric 10. So should Comodo be metric 10??

So can anyone advise me please?



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I take it by the lack of Response to my question. That nobody knows of a fix to my problem.

Maybe one day I guess :slight_smile:

7 hours since your post and already complaining…

you might not be able to remove your dns servers from your ISP, they just might be in order. If the first two fail it will default to your isp instead of killing your internet totally.

and you posted the same question at OpenDNS and they gave you some hints as to what it could be. Did you try what they said ???


Thanks Languy99 for the information.

What I’m going to do is leave Comodo Secure DNS at the first 2 as in DNS 1 DNS 2.

And also leave the rest alone. For my Win 7 Computer I have left it to find DNS address Automatically under TCP/v4.

As for your Comment about Open DNS I did have there settings in place. As in there DNS addresses. But I dumped them since I found out I was getting problems. Plus with the Forum to the link you posted I got no positive answer.

So that is why I changed my settings to Comodo Secure DNS and I thought I ask the question.

So thanks anyway.



P.S. I’m not complaining! I was just wondering of an answer since I not heard a thing. And for other questions I have posted I have gotten an answer within a hour or so. :slight_smile:

It all depends on who is online and has an answer for you.

The commands for adding and removing DNS entries are:

dns server route delete dns={server address}
dns server route add dns={server address}

Once changes have been made, use ‘saveall’

The only fly in the ointment with this is, if you’re using a ‘badged’ router from your ISP, it may not be possible to remove their DNS entries.

With regard to the ‘metric’, with routing tables anyway, (this a a very simplistic explanation) when all things are considered equal, this value indicates least ‘expensive’ route to take when considering how to forward a packet. I assume it has a similar meaning here.

Hi again. :slight_smile:

Yes I understand HeffeD. Thanks for explaining.

Also Thanks to Radaghast

Yes that is what I did as in the Commands for adding and removing DNS entries, Also I used saveall. So now they are locked in place until I need to remove them.

I’m not to sure what you mean by a badged router. Could it mean the that my route is got a badge on it of the name of my ISP? Well it has not badge. It only has the name on which I have said. I was given it by my ISP provider.

So to your info about you saying it may not be possible to remove them. Your right I can’t remove them it comes up: Failed to delete route. Then shoots back to {Administrator}=>

So I will just have to leave it. Anyway if I loose Comodo dns at anytime I got back-up to what langguy says.

So for the metric. I will leave it set at 5. since my ISP metric is set at 10.

So thanks for all your help



It simply means the router is a third-party router issued to you by someone else, in this case your ISP. As I mentioned, it’s because of this removing certain information may be very difficult or impossible.

Thanks for explaining Radaghast. I now understand what you mean.

I can relax now until Comodo Secure DNS gets launched from beta :slight_smile: So that could be anytime, from today till January 2013.