DNS Services Review

Hey all, as some of you who look at my videos know, I have reviewed some DNS services. Today I decided to do a more through review of them.

In this video I tested how well they block malware links. The second video is of the original review that I did.

In the picture at the bottom you can see that I used gibson research to test spoofability of the servers and performance. I hope it is easy to read and understand. If you want more info about the tests that I ran please look here GRC's | DNS Nameserver Performance Benchmark   and here GRC | DNS Nameserver Spoofability Test  

Let’s discuss the results and if you have any questions, please ask.

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If ClearCloud would fix it’s reliability to 100% it would jump into first place, it would get 44 points. They are still beta so they have a chance to get everything working right.

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I was on topic: the author asked us to debate of videos, and we are thus allowed as much to debate of the content of the debate and of its vehicle itself.

And i expressed no irrespect whatsoever to the OP, only wondering why what he has to say cannot be stated in plain words instead of always videos, as in my opinion (but it is most certainly not valuable in regard of those of 2 moderators), videos, whoever it comes from, are not a proper way od debate.

I switched to Cearcloud as soon as i watched the video and tried throwing some links at it and what it didn’t catch Avast did so i like it.

THX for videos :slight_smile:

For now i stay to Norton DNS :smiley: It’s another layer of protection

I really hope trend micro will make their own secured DNS because their free web protection add-on (webguard) is near incredible (block so many)!


Hi languy,
Thanks for the another couple of great review.
keep it up.


languy99- Great video reviews of ClearCloud DNS! I watched both of them in HD on my 32" Bravia monotor and they looked great. You spoke of doing a DNS resolver test of ClearCoud using Steve Gibson’s DNS Benchmark program and since I’ve had the program for some time I entered ClearCoud as my Win 7 computer’s DNS server and the results can be seen in the screen capture below.

I repeated the test 3 times and not once did I ever see ClearCloud anywhere in the results not even at the very bottom of the results list. What is your take on the reason behind this?

I also wanted to ask you how you generated the cumulative results chart comparing the different DNS servers from data generated in the mundane looking the spoofability tests?


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I got this MRG DNS Servers:

Awsume review Languy :■■■■

thanks, I tried to be a little more through in this review.