DNS Server for Windows

Hello guys, I’m wanting to install a local DNS Server, so that my applications can turn DNS names to IPs faster and more reliable. That’s because my ISP’s DNS Server is going down almost every day and when it happens I must use other servers that are not so near.

Do you know any good DNS Server software for Windows? I don’t wanna host my own domain or anything like that, just a reliable server to turn names to IPs.


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If your running Windows 2003 server you already have a built in DNS server. If, however, you’re running XP or 2000 you might want to look at this TreeWalk DNS Home
Actually, from your first post, I think this is exactly what your looking for :slight_smile:

hey tnx for the help! :smiley:

WinXP (eck >.<) doesnt have a DNS Server, Simple DNS Plus is paid, and I alreadt knew BIND but wasn’t able to install it. I tried again and now it is working, I’ll test it for some days to see how well it works :smiley:

I will take a look on treewalk too!

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Another vote for Treewalk/Hawk.
I’ve used it since beta and wouldn’t be without it.
Very new user friendly as well as configurable for the advanced.
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I’ll test BIND a few more days, it started very slow and failed on 2 translations, but now it is working as a normal ISP DNS Server should be. I just miss a way to see if it is really being accessed or if DNS requests are leaking to ISP server (probably not, but I can’t guarantee), and it is using 20MB RAM, very high IMO. Then I’ll test TreeWalk.

I usually use only WinServer’s DNS server.

To optimize, I have the DNS server forward queries to ISP’s DNS server. But you most configure the local DNS server with proper root DNS server addresses, so that if the ISP’s server is down, it will then attempt a resolution using root DNS servers.