DNS Server Changed After v6.2 Update

After updating to v6.2, for some reason, my DNS servers changed to some random IP I have never seen before. The IP was something like “” and “”. I can’t remember the exact IPs but they looked very similar to those. After I updated to v6.2 and restarted, I noticed I couldn’t get on the internet. So I did an ipconfig and saw that my DNS servers had changed to those IPs. How could this of happened and why? I postponed the restart for 5 min so I could check for Windows updates and went online for a couple of minutes. Do you think someone hacked me while Comodo was updating? While Comodo updates, does it disable the firewall?

I have no idea,
Here’s a little info on it, it’s not much

If your not sure how to change the dns (Read below on how to switch it back) It’s easy
Just follow these steps from the link below BUT if you don’t want to use comodos dns instead of typing in those numbers, just click on “automaticly obtain dns servers automaticly” instead, then click ok then Apply. then reset router and restart computer just to be safe

I put my DNS back to Comodo’s after it happened. I have been using them for a long time. They work great. What I’m wondering is, while Comodo is updating, does it disable the firewall? Also, when Comodo is done updating and its asking you to restart, is the firewall disable during this time? I ask this because I surfed the internet for about 5 minutes and checked for Windows updates while it was updating and after it was done updating before I restarted. This means I would have been surfing without a firewall if Comodo firewall is disabled during updates and before restarting. Is this how Comodo firewall behaves when updating?

Sorry Jay, but that speedguide link is useless.

Hi Guys,

Yes we changed our secure DNS IPs backto old ones, i.e. the ones we used before. It belongs to COMODO SecureDNS. Dont worry about it.

I thought and were the older ones? =S

Edit: Though I guess the networks are sort of close and they both use the x.x.70.x and x.x.71.x scheme.

Yes old IPs are restored.

The old IP addresses belonged to an earlier incarnation of Secure DNS. Then the DNS functionality got updated which was signified by the newer now abandoned IP addresses.

I assume the updated functionality is available with the old addresses. Is that a correct assumption?

Well, that makes me feel a lot better knowing it was just Comodo Firewall changing my DNS network settings. I thought it was done by someone malicious. Those IPs you guys listed ( and are most likely the IPs I couldn’t remember. I only looked at them for a second when I did an ipconfig and then changed them back to Comodo DNS ( and I thought I would mention that the old DNS IPs (156.xx.xx.xx) did not work for me. I have to use the newer IPs instead (8.xx.xx.xx).

yes. IP change is about infrastructure and reliability.

Could you provide us with some details?