DNS reverse lookup in alert window

reverse DNS lookup (optional after click for performance reasons) in firewall alert dialog would greatly help to decide, whether to allow a connection or not.
Similar option would be welcome in log viewer as well.

Other users - please post your support - or oppose the idea with arguments.

Well I’m for Yes (with the click option).

It’s not even a hard thing to do. It’s quite easy to code IMO.

Also: It would not be bad to add option like Comodo Safe Link List or something (would be a cool feature but i think it would need much time on their part), so it would classify the site the program’s accessing to as safe or unsafe.

I third this notion

very good idea

another vote for this idea from me :slight_smile:

I’d also like a name resolving button (or an option) for the alert pop ups. :-TU

I recreated this request as a poll, per the guidelines for the Wishlist thread. Please vote there: