Hello dear COMODO! I decide to ask you the straightforward question (Im stupid a little, so I could not ask another types of questions) and I hope I will get the sincere answer. Ok, I have Windows Xp sp2. All applicatons does dns-requests by means of svchost.exe service. How can I change it?

I mean how can I do that certain application will resolve domain names independently? I need it for customization of CIS

please tell me the truth ???

Did you perhaps disable the DHCP Client service ?
This will cause all individual applications to trigger an alert for DNS traffic.

Please check the system service DHCP Client to see if it’s running.
open a command box (Start, Run, cmd) and then type

net start | find /i “DHCP”

Press the ENTER key after that, and see if anything turns up…

You mean DNS Client service don’t you?

Thank you very much :smiley:

May I ask you one more question? What so good in DHCP-client service? Less firewall alerts? :slight_smile:

Yes sorry, i was… it needs to be the “DNS Client” service. So you need to replace DHCP with DNS in my above commands.

;D The truth is somewhere nearby.

I mean you really have tangled me. What service should I start and what for? ???

Check to see if you have DNS Client starting automatic, and status started

Do I really need it? 88)

Hi Scary_bear

As Ronny suggested, disable the DNS client service. This will prevent svchost from performing DNS queries, however, you will need to add a DNS rule to each application in Network Security.