DNS Problems


Having problems with my network on two laptops.

Both are connecting to my network fine now. A few minutes ago the network failed on one flat out.

On the first PC: When I tried to repair it, it said it could not flush the dns cache. So I googled a bit and found the ipconfig /flushdns command. This reveals a pleasant error of: Could not flush the dns resolver cache. Function failed during execution. It would not connect at all. I rebooted into safe mode with networking and tried the same thing based on a tip as well. Same error.

On my other laptop the network slowed to a crawl and also failed miserably. This time I could flush the dns cache successfully but that didn’t fix my problems.

I restarted the router and modem and now I’m up and running again. But the first computer still can’t flush the dns cache. Same error. I’m connected though.

Are these inter related? What is this dns cache thing and why the heck won’t it flush itself?

Also, something to point out. The only differences the two computers (except for wireless card) is one is running Comodo Firewall and the other isn’t. Could the error possibly be related to the firewall? (even though resolving the cache still fails with both firewall and D+ off)\

I should add that both are running XP SP3 with Comodo on one but not on the other.

Make sure you have the “DNS client” running if you want to flush it,allthough if its not running there wont be owt to flush.
Start/Run/type in “services.msc” to see if the DNS client is started/stoped/automatic/manual/disabled.

The DNS(Domain Name System) cache is where your computer stores a record of the DNS queries it has made to enable it to resolve names.So it stores say www.supercalafragulisticespialigocious.com resolves to ip

I dont run the service(have it disabled) and dont have any problems,others hopefully will chip in with what they think of the DNS cache :-TU or :-TD


DOH! I swear I checked that to. Oh well, enabling it did let me flush out the cache. I disabled it a while back. I’m beginning to think that the outage last night was just a coincidence between the service being off and me not being able to repair the network and just another random problem.

Thanks! So is the DNS service a necessary one for running on a network like this? Most sites say it isn’t but I’m wondering if it could be connected to my more frequent network outages and me having to reset the router.