DNS problem

I have just installed Comodo free firewall for the first time.Everything looks and works good until I went on the internet.On installation I chose to use Comodo’s DNS numbers.I have changed the DNS numbers in my modem and also I checked them in network and internet, Local area connections properties where they are setup corectly.The values are ,,are these the correct settings?
I live in Australia
My connection Is adsl 2 (hi speed internet. From speedtest.net 9.5Mb/s downspeed before)
Do your internet DNS servers work in Australia?
Now when I am on the internet,the pages take along time to load.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.If you need any more information don’t hesitate to ask
Thanking you bardyman

Comodo Secure DNS hires capacity from Ultra DNS; they have servers over all continents guaranteeing fast response to DNS queries.

I am not quite sure how to troubleshoot this. If you don’t get any replies within 24 hrs bump the topic and I will get the other mods to the rescue.

Hey Bardyman, I live in Australia too. (Goldcoast)
The DNS should work world wide As far as I know… They work fine with me, Though I do prefer www.Opendns.com

You do not need to have to dns address both in your network connections and router. I have mine only entered in the router - so it works for both my pc’s.

Kyle thanks for your post.
Have you heard of Isage internet, on the gold coast?
Do you know what the quality of their internet is?
So I am using the correct dns numbers?
I tried the opendns before, I had the same problem the connection slowed down to a crawl.So I changed back to my internet dns numbers.
EricJH said to bump the topic I dont know how to do this.

Hey bardy,

DNS - Domain Name System.
Basically what this means is, You type in www.google.com and it sends that address to your DNS. The DNS replies to you, it translates google.com into numbers, (Where the google server(S) are located) After that stage, downloads etc are not affected.

Never heard of Isage.
I use netspace; www.netspace.net.au Which I have been really impressed with, Coming from Iprimus.
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hope this helps.

Does the slowing down to a crawl also happens when you use the DNS servers of your provider (set Windows to automatically detect)?

Thanks for your response.When I use the DNS servers of my provider the internet is as fast as usual.I have re-entered the DNS numbers this morning and the internet is just as slow as before.Tried set windows to auto detect and leave my modem with Comodos DNS numbers.No difference.I will continually try the Comodo DNS numbers every now & then to see if any change over the next few days.Thank you.

Hey bardyman, As far as I know…The DNS numbers in your router take priority over the ones in your machine.