dns name on "view active connections"

It is possible to see the dns name rather than the address ip, where is possible, in the panel “view active connections”?

Sorry, CFP3 doesn’t do reverse DNS lookup for you (at least yet ;). A utility caled Fast Resolver FastResolver - Host Names/IP Addresses/MAC Address Scanner was suggested in another thread.

Yes, I knows it, but the possibility doesn’t exist of not even to perform an copy and paste from the “view active connections” to verify the in demand information. At times the only IP address is uncomfortable for a rapids analysis of the connections. (:SAD)

I am a new user coming from Sunbelt Firewall. There you can see all active connections in just 2 clicks, not to mention the ability to resolve dns. It is not that easy with comodo.

It is pretty handy, I used it many times to view how fast a connection is from a certain server (that had a reverse dns), I used it to rapidly identify connections to my VNC server, etc.

It should be implemented in Comodo firewall too.

There is a standalone tool TCPView available (TCPView for Windows - Sysinternals | Microsoft Learn) that shows active connections by IP address or by dns name.