i have been using Comodo for a long time and for few months iam still missing one feature. I am running on Paranoid mode on HIPS, custom police on firewall – total control of system is absolutelly needed. So, now to the point: its great that Comodo shows on firewall popup window that the exe file (which initiates the connection) is safe and hips would detect any hijacking attemps, but i would be really glad, if you can add more info about destination IP, like DNS and GEO location (country would be sufficient). Window would then contain info like:

microsoft_update.exe “which is safe” is trying to connect aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd (aaabbb.com in China)

Would it be possible to add this little helper?

It has wished more than three years ago, but developers ignore the request so far… :-

Oh God. Is there (at least) any meaningful reason for this not being implemented?

I don’t know… Maybe developers don’t read our wishes… :cry:

What a horrible SHAME! Never heard about something like this! :-TD

they do. they just dont give us feedback or status of wishes

…dont give feedback, dont give info about status…and dont implement…