DNS Issue

Belkin Router - Set DNS to automatic from ISP
Adapters - Set DNS to obtain automatically

ipconfig /all shows DNS as 192.168… & not ISP DNS, this shouldn’t happen, right?

Any info & solution?

Check the command:
What to write?

nslookup shows few errors like cant find dns for the address, etc

If I manually set dns in adapters then nslookup shows fine i.e isp dns

If you write
«DNS request timed out»
Problems: 1. Reboot the server. 2. Problems with OS. 3.You IPv4 or IPv6? It is better to disable IPv6.
Is it possible to test with another modem?
Reinstall the network card driver?
Turn on automatic detection DNS? (network adapter)
Edit: Sorry did not notice.
If you manually configure it all work?
Then what’s the problem? If nslookup shows. That’s all right. DNS-work.

I wanted to know what could be the prob?

Router is set to automatic dns from isp, network adapters are set to obtain automatic dns then why ipconfig doesn’t show isp dns? And the net also works on & off but if dns manually set then ipconfig shows isp dns & no probs with dns too.

I have same router.
If you have DHCP enabled (normally is default) then adapter got IP address AND dns address from the router which set itself as dns server for your PC.
If you go on the router config page you will notice dns servers that the router use on the WAN are set to that of your provider.

Router home page correctly shows isp dns.

Do you mean I should disable DHCP on the router as it sets belkin dns as dns server?

Yes or alternatively you can leave enabled DHCP and in the property setting of LAN adapter set manually primary and secondary dns serves.
In my opinion however is not at all a problem to leave your router as dns server, actually you will have some pros, for example if you power off the PC but not the router you have all your dns query cached in the router then when you power on again your PC dns query will be much faster (for address already in cache)

Look in the router’s advanced settings.
Where the DNS must be unmarked - Type to use your DNS ISP.
Then ipconfig / all no matter you are registered or not automatically in the adapter - will display the DNS ISP.

If the router advanced settings is marked and entered DNS ISP, then will not be displayed ( ipconfig / all ) and the show will link 192.168.x.x. ( You can not see DNS ISP).
Only when you to write in hands of the network adapter will show DNS ISP.
I hope it is clear.
P.S. Uncheck in the router settings DNS ISP.