DNS Hijacked:

I was wondering if anyone has heard anymore about DNS being hijacked in DSL modems by
From what I have heard and seen so far is that modems being made by Comtrend, Linksys, DLink, and Belkin are having static DNS numbers put into to them through built in accounts. Primary was mentioned above, and a secondary of Also the hijacker is changing some of the passwords on the devices too. In the case of the Comtrend modems, the built in User account’s password is being changed. I have heard speculation of an impending denial of service attack, and have also heard that these numbers have turned up in Europe as well. The address’ are owned by a company in Dallas called Softlayer. I called Softlayer and they couldnt give me any information about the client, but suggested that I email abuse@softlayer.com. I’m not sure about all of the information here, but if someone knows something else or deems that my info is wrong please let me know.

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