DNS Error in IE when set to custom

After being on the internet today for a while I was suddenly unable to open IE and was presented with a dnserror at the bottom of the screen. Comodo’s security level was set to custom (as it always has been). Only by setting it to ‘allow all’ could I get a connection. Looking @ the application control rules, I noticed that there were 16 entries for iexplore.exe all of which were blocked. My q’s are;

  1. Is this causing my problem?
  2. Do I need more than one entry for each app?

I have an AMD athlon with 767mb ram running XP SP3



Can you show a screenshot of the application control rules?

Please see jpeg attached. I changed one entry back to allow but this has made no difference

[attachment deleted by admin]

I never used CFP2. I think the block rules will show rules for DNS. Try deleting them. That should get you back on the web for now I guess.

Thanks EricJH,

On closer inspection i noticed that each entry for iexplore.exe had a parent path pointing to another application. I changed the entry whose parent path was c:\windows\explorer.exe and bingo, I was back on and with my security level set back to custom. I’ve no idea though how it’s permission could have been changed to block? Anyway, seems to be ok now. Thanx again Eric