DNS error: http://securedns.comodo.com/dnserror.html

Hi, i dont have any Comodo products and it was open tabs on firefox every 5 minutos in the page:


even with the firefox closed, it initialize the firefox and open tabs to the infinite!

Can anyone help me to fix that?


Hi gAb.
Choose your operating system below and in the final step select Obtain DNS server address automatically.

Windows XP
Windows 7/Vista

Edit: I do not now why it is initializing itself.

You sure you not infected?

I try to configurate the DNS from the link provided by captainsticks, but it dosent work.

I use AVG and Spybot in my computer, so i belive that i am not infected, Seany007.

The strange think is that i do not have the Comodo antivirus, i will try to instal it, and configurate it like i captainsticks said.

The link was just showing how to disable/enable Comodo SecureDNS from the system in case it has been enabled somehow.

Note: You do not need to install Comodo to change DNS settings.

Please check if you are infected seeing tabs are opening without user input.
How to Know If Your Computer Is Infected

You never know. Did you ever used Comodo? Did you change your DNS to some other DNS a while ago?