dlll.exe cmdagent

Hi everyone Im after some expert advice.

For a few months now Ive noticed in comodo firewall this file “c:\windows\system32.dlllhost.exe”

target "comodo cmdagent.exe
"this is being blocked every hour or so.
Its 3 Ls not 2

I searched google and only found dllhost.exe not dlllhost.exe

Ive run the usual virus scanner is this anything to be concerned about?

Thanks for your replys all

Are you sure c:\windows\system32.dlllhost.exe is the exact name and path? May be you meant c:\windows\system32\dlllhost.exe?

Anyway, make triple check there are no typos in the file and path names.

The reason I am so adament about the proper spelling is that malware tends to use names that are similar to or the same as (but in a different folder) Windows system files.

Hi Eric thanks for the reply yes the file path is c:\windows\system32\dlllhost.exe

My pc has been quite slow and this is popping up in the firewall everyday.


Rather odd, but Google finds plenty for me including this:

Superantispyware seems to be able to remove it if it is the same as the one they list.

thanks for your help forum people I will look at Superantispyware.