DLLHost.exe WTF????

Every time I create a new folder or rename a folder or whatever CIS throws me a popup about the COM Surrogate and DLLHost.exe not being digitally signed. Also while running Windows Updates and GetDataBack it threw me lots of popups about all sorts of things. This seems to be more than just a little excessive, don’t you think? I am seriously thinking of simply switching back to Kaspersky!

Actually I just noticed that my browser is now occasionally and randomly taking me away from the website I am on and to some of seemingly unrelated addware sites. I suspect a browser hijack, but I don’t see how this could relate to my problem with DLLHost.exe though…it couldn’t be related…could it?

It sounds to me that you are infected. Check your PC first and report back.

P.S Also I advise to watch the language next time. Young ppl here.

Please follow the advice I give in my article about How to Know If Your Computer Is Infected and let us know what you find.


Allright ive begun to load up some of my tools (HijackThis, Kasperksy rootkit, MalwareBytes, etc.) I will report back with results…sorry about language, I’ll watch that from now on.
I just thought of something…I DID have to run the Comodo Removal Tool because a previous install of Comodo Premium (from AfterDawn.com) was corrupted. A major driver crash from a bad HP driver caused a blue screen during or immediately after the install of Comodo. After rebooting, I found that Comodo was running in the system tray, but was not installed??? I couldn’t find the main program executable in the install directory nor did it show up in Programs and Features…HOW could it be running then???

Good. Next time only install from the official websites if you can. That’s a tricky one. As I don’t know your system, what’s on it, issues in the past it’s hard to tell. The system prob made a mistake. Who knows?