DLL Problem with Callwave on Comodo

I have had problems getting Callwave Internet Answering Machine to work with Comodo. Callers would sometimes have to call 3 or 4 times before they could finally get through. After several days of headaches I realized that the DLL Callwave uses (atl4040.dll) is not listed in the component monitor. I added it to the component monitor and made 2 test calls, both of which went through just fine. I think that may have fixed it, which leads to my first question. Do you agree that was probably the problem?

I also have a second problem though. A few minutes after I made the test calls I went back into Comodo’s component monitor and noticed that the DLL was no longer listed there. I re-added it but a few minutes later it was no longer there again. If the answer to my first question is yes, then please tell me how to force that DLL to stay listed permanently by the component monitor. Any help is appreciated and thank you for it. (S)