dll leak test error

Oh help, I’m fairly new to Comodo and I did the leak test and the DLL tests showed “error”, don’t even know what that means! I have Firewall and Defense in safe mode. I allowed the first thing in the test and then the other Rootkit things passed but I don’t know what I’m doing! Why the error, I don’t even know if I’m giving you enough information. To me, Comodo seems a little complacated, I used ZoneAlarm before and I didn’t have to worry about anything but I heard Comodo was a good program so I would appreciate if someone could help me.

Opps, I had the Firewall in safe mode and Defense in Clean PC.

Listen to me, do not worry about anything! the leak tests are just tools to test the defense capabilities of the firewall. The developers of the firewall have already done countless leak tests and found even by themselves new abilities to bypass the security defense capabilities of any firewall…

The settings safe mode and clean pc are good for beginners, do not worry about that! as for the information you have giving, it does not matter how much give! It is better if you just type horse sht or what ever sht in there, or better nothing at all! maybe it could work too… the case here is not the information, but the capabilities of the firewall to stop information leaks that could by pass the firewall without user knowledge… In case of the comodo firewall, you should be prompted about something is about to send information outside your computer and you should block it! this means the firewall is working well!

As for the errors…I do get them too! Don’t worry about this, is is just a testing application! I think your firewall is running fine and you have made a good choice for choosing it!

ok, have a nice day!