DLL execution alerts must be disabled by default

dll execution alerts by CFP are so combersome, irritating and rather not needed IMO. I have made a rule to get rid of them( all dll execution allowed) as shwon on pic.

IMO dll execution alerts must be disabled by default in Defence plus.

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Dont you only get them if you add dll to image execution control settings.

I get them even without that.

Let me edit my suggestion:

All dlls on C drive alraedy present should be allowed without pop ups while from any other location must be intercepted.

Hallo aigle.

Do you get these alerts even if you switch CIS to a default unaltered configuration (there are some .cfg defaults that can be imported in COMODO Internet Security folder)? ???

Sorry I did not understand fully. Explain to me, I will re-check n then tell you.


Do you get these DLL execution alerts even if you switch CIS to a default unaltered configuration?

In CIS folder there is a default backup COMODO - Proactive Security.cfg that can be imported and activated though \Miscellaneous\Manage My Configurations\Import As

Ok, will try later n let u know. Give me time.


I have DLL added to image execution control and set it to aggressive. To prevent too many pop-ups I have a global defence+ rull that allows all programs under c:\program files and c:\windows to run all dlls under c:\program files and c:\windows. This gives very few pop-ups but I still get a pop-up for a dll or program in an unusual place. I have file groups “safe applications” and “safe dlls” to make this rule. If you run as a limited user malware cannot be saved to windows or programs files and it is very safe. I have similar rules for exes.