*.dll access denied

Vista Home Premium
2.0 Core 2 Duo
2GB Ram
Toshiba Satellite P105 Nvidia GeForce Go 7900GS
Kaspersky AV

After recent Comodo updates, I have been getting the following error messages upon start-up:

Error loading c:windows/system32/nvsvc.dll ACCESS DENIED - same with nvmctray.dll, nvcpl.dll -

Since these are files necessary to the NVIDIA driver, I could not access any display settings and when trying in Windows Control Panel would get message:

Error loading c:windows/system32/shell32.dll

I find that by disabling the Defense + the issue goes away.
How do I keep Defense + enabled and find a solution this issue?

Add those files to the D+ list as trusted. They are in my set.

Where do you add these files?

Under D+. Go to D+\Advanced\Computer Security Policy\ and add them.

I added these DLL’s but still have issue. I see that all files in D+\Advanced\Computer Security Policy\ are .exe files and not .dlls. Does this matter?


Try adding these files.

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