Disturbance in Communication

Samsung S Duos

I had installed CMS 1.5 on my bro cell. After few days he removed CMS saying that with CMS installed sometimes the caller/listener on the other end says the voice is not coming clear or disturbance in voice, though my bro can hear him/her clearly i.e no disturbance in voice. With CMS uninstalled no such probs.

Any info or anyone with the prob?

Never had this happen on any of the phones I installed CMS on.
CMS doesn’t interfere with secphone nor dialer, afaik.

Hmm, perhaps that is why I had issues on my PadFone before? I had CMS installed before and I had problem with speaking but then it went away, perhaps it was at the time I removed CMS? Purely speculation.

Have you or your friend added/flashed any mods, Naren?
Maybe one of our favorite CMS devs can shed some light on this?

I didn’t get you.

The phone is new, 1 month old & no modification/customization, only 6-8 apps installed from play store.

Tried AVG Free & Avast Free to check for few days but no prob with these installed. I want to install CMS coz obviously its my fav & I find it lighter i.e the battery usage with CMS is lighter compared to AVG & Avast & also CMS is more easy to use.

I have another old Samsung phone i.e my cousin phone, he doesn’t have this disturbance prob.

what about cms1.4?

I cannot test CMS 1.4 as I dont have a smart phone & now my brother doesn’t allow me to install CMS as he is running Avast now which is running fine.

May be someone here can test 1.4.

I’ve personally not experienced this issue otherwise I’d test it with 1.4 which apps did you have installed? I don’t use any 3rd party dialer or contact manager so maybe something like that is affecting it. It might be worth trying adding your apps one by one to the Trusted List to see which it’s the conflict and causing the problem. Any other users having the same issue?



They are simple apps like train ticket status app, bus route app, etc… No 3rd party dialer, contact manager or such apps.

The default Android have most of the services like uninstall, battery check, etc… so he doesn’t install any 3rd party apps that does the same thing.

He is a person who mostly use default installed things & doesn’t install much 3rd party apps.

A slight brain wave: Did you have Traffic Monitoring enabled? In some recent testing I did I found that with it on I would often loose signal on my phone and my CMS process would crash. I had to disable both parts of it and reboot to fix it.



Yes, I had traffic monitoring enabled & dont had probs mentioned by you. What do you mean by both parts?

This prob may be due to traffic monitoring as he had enabled traffic monitoring later when he started to use mobile internet & I think the prob was after this.

Now I cannot try this as he dont want to coz he is happy with Avast.

May be I will try to convince him.

Hi Eric, does this prob happened in CMS1.5?

Occasionally losing signal may be a RIL issue. I am thinking Traffic Monitor is affecting this somehow. I too have noticed I have not lost a call/signal since I disabled CMS Traffic Monitor.

Hi Sai,

Confirmed, it’s only am issue for me with 1.5. I have an Orange San Francisco 2 aka ZTE Blade on android 2.3.5