Distorted sound, decreased mouse ptr responsiveness

CIS 3.8 and later causes two problems on my PC:

  1. Sounds are slightly distorted. For example, the system beep is truncated by what I’ll describe as trailing static. I am already using the latest driver provided for my hardware,
  2. The responsiveness of my mouse pointer is slightly reduced.

Rebooting fixes it. I figured out the cause: the spawning of the Comodo update checker process. If I disable the automatic update checking, the problems never manifest. So, that’s my current solution.

CIS 3.9…509
Vista Ultimate 32
Latest Sigmatel driver: SigmaTel High Definition Audio Codec

Did these drivers originate from the hardware mfg website or elsewhere?

Sadly, Sigmatel was acquired by another company, and the new parent doesn’t support legacy products (or the legacy employees – they canned 70% of 'em).

I have the latest drivers Dell provides that will install w/ my hardware. I can’t find anything newer.

Odd that only the Comodo update process screws up my sound and mouse, eh?

Maybe something for the Devs to look at.

Sadly sigmatel drivers are none else than IDT PC Audio drivers and they are ■■■■■■■ by pretty much anything regardless if CIS is installed. :frowning:

Microsoft Vista SP1 update is not available due to (SigmaTel/IDT) audio driver
Update your Dell SigmaTel audio driver
Dell gets their act together for Sigmatel audio and Realtek audio,Intel video driver Windows vista service pack 1

A good news is: Dell and Samsung users have the same problem, just search in web. Maybe we should contact the manufacturer of IDT-Audio-Device instead of waiting for HP?

Thus despite elsewhere posted, this in no good news if manufacturers will not support these legacy products anymore.


The good news is that Vista SP1 was fixed long ago to install w/ SigmalTel’s drivers! The bad news is that SigmaTel’s hardware is end-of-life.

Just bad luck. If SigmaTel had survived as a brand, I’m sure the drivers would still be supported for major problems. Unfortunately, the US Govm’t ain’t going to guarantee all warranties – just for cars!

Since the Comodo 3.8 SNAFUs convinced me not to upgrade to the latest and greatest future CIS versions until they are in production for a while, turning off the updater really doesn’t hurt me. My kids’ PCs will alert me to watch for new versions – they don’t have SigmaTel audio hardware.

John, I don’t know what the threshold for dev interest in bugs is. I’m good w/ my workaround, so I’m not going to pursue it…

Indeed the IDT page last updated on 04/14/2008 mention that the driver may actually be compatible with Vista SP1 and provided a workaround.

Athough the version wouldn’t be enough to confirm this, SigmaTel High Definition Audio Codec may actually be dated back to 2007.

Depending on the model there may be v. and available as well.

Not sure if an update would be a reasonable option although just in case creating a manual restore point would at least provide a way to fall back to the previous config.

It is likely that in order for the devs to potentially test the same scenario a screenshoot of the audio card Hardware id details ( like for video card) and a download url of the current drivers would be needed.

Unfortunately, I did try to install them both – even though Dell didn’t list my XPS 410 – and crashed out of the install for each… That’s when I gave up and disabled the CIS updater!