Dissapointing performance by CAV

I see, But It’s better than paid for program. 88)

CIS 3 was never designed to be a Cleaning Tool…

It was designed to Prevent Malware from Entering your Computer. This is a different architecture and world’s first Default Deny Protection… There is a HUGE difference in the protection capability of CIS vs legacy AVs.

CIS4.1 (or above) will have very strong cleaning capability.

So 2 different threat model…

1)Keeping a clean pc clean: This is the challange we have solved using Default Deny Protection Architecture, which legacy AV’s cannot provide.

2)Cleaning an infected pc: And even the legacy AVs cannot guarantee a 100% cleaning… This is why technology like Comodo Time Machine is a much more important technology then partial cleaning that legacy AVs do. However, as I said above in ver 4.1 (or above) we will have an amazing cleaning capability :wink:


Will CIS 4.1 try and clean the file, and if it can’t ask if you want to use Comodo Time Machine, to how the file was before the infection?

And if Comodo Time Machine have made “backups” of infected files, will CIS 4.1 then find them when scanning the computer.?

And if i want to use Comodo Time Machine because CIS 4.1 can’t clean the file, is there a way so CIS 4.1 can check if the file you want to “restore” is also infected, before restoring it.? or search for the latest saved file there isn’t infected? So i don’t restore a file there also is infected?

Ah, sorry, I did not notice that the test measures the cleaning capacities of AVs, and that it was not a detection-based test.

not that it matters but here is another russian site showing detection capabilities…