Dissapointed with CFP3

I’ve used Comodo in the past. Actually, ever since I saw it get such high marks in PC Magazine. Comodo 2 has been great to me over the years, but CFP3 has been a huge let down for me.

I installed CFP3 onn my XP machine. Afterwards, things started to get slow. Like, really slow. I had installed several other programs, so I wasn’t sure exactly what the culprit was. I was planning on waiting until the weekend to make the jump to Vista, but I decided to do it then because things were so screwed up.

Now that I’m running Vista, I decided to go ahead and install CFP3 (especially since Windows Firewall is a piece of junk). To my surprise, same thing happened. My Vista experience went from being breezy, sleek, and very fast to being slow, clunky, and with a lot of waiting. Firefox used to load in a blink, but with CFP3 it takes about 30 seconds to a minute. Sometimes more. And it’s not just Firefox. Everything is slower. Task Manager, AVG, Thunderbird, etc are all incredibly slow to load and sometimes refuse to close. Task Manager froze my desktop for about 5 minutes before everything finally set itself right. And this experience, as I previously said, happened on XP too.

I just now uninstalled CFP3 and my computer is running like its old self again. Fast and sleek. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to go with ZoneAlarm for now, as CFP is slowing my computer down to a horrendously unnacceptable rate. Hopefully whatever is causing this will be fixed and I can enjoy CFP again. But for now, I simply cannot use this program and manage to keep my sanity at the same time.

On a side note, Spybot S&D 1.5.1 has also been loading up very slowely. This is a sad day for me. I’m loving Vista, but 2 of my favorite security apps have turned into slow lumbering beasts. :’(

Here are my system specs;
E4400 Core2Duo (2.0Ghz) Intel Processor
ASRock 4CoreDual-SATA motherboard
2x1GB DDR2 667 PNY RAM
Saphire X800 Pro 8x AGP (old school model w/ 475MHz clock)
Windows Vista (fully updated)
I previously was running Windows XP SP2 (fully updated)

Also, just FYI; when I tried to register using Firefox the Visual Verification image would not load. I had to register using Internet Explorer.

Instead of using Zone Alarm that will probably slows your system even more, why don’t you try CFPv2.4 if you are still running XP (SP2).

Wel, originally I thought, “I’ll install Vista, play around with it, probably won’t like it and will go back to XP. When I get my DX10 gpu I’ll go back to Vista and use it in Classic Mode, like I do with XP.” But I actually really like Vista. I enjoy how easy it is to customize the explorer and my computer is strong enough to run it very well. Even when playing big, taxing games like Sims 2 I don’t get any noticeable slow down when compared to XP.

I actually deleted ZoneAlarm as well and am now using a little app called Vista FireWall Control. It’s incredibly tiny, efficient, and does what I need it to, block outgoing traffic. Hopefully whatever issues I and others are having with CFP3 will be fixed, as it is a fantastic product that I have enjoyed and recommended for quite a whilst.

Really, I haven’t experienced any slow or sluggish system behavior since I upgraded. If SB is running slowly as well, maybe there’s something else going on?

ZoneAlarm isn’t much better than the Windows firewall anymore.

Wrong…ZA does pretty good. Look here.